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Books of the Bible Song Teaching Tracks Sampler

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List of Titles CD # 1
1. Sittin’ On Top of the Rainbow

2. Books of the Bible

3. Clapping My Hands

4. Hail Mary

5. Apostles Creed

6. Thank You God

7. Naaman

8. St. Joseph

9. Enough Bread

10. Our Father

11. Glory Be

12. Pater Noster

13. Fantastic Day

14. Angel, My Angel

15. Act of Contrition

16. The Lord is With Me, I’m Not Afraid

17. Praise From The Fiery Furnace

18. History, Mystery, Majesty

CD#2 Teaching Track Titles:

Books of the Bible Song Teaching Tracks Sampler

1. Bible Song-Sirach Remix up tempo
2. Intro Bible Song Teaching Tracks by Carol Fisher
3. Chorus
4. Genesis-Ruth
5. Samuel-Chronicles
6. Review Genesis-Chronicles
7. Ezra-Job
8. Psalms-Song of Songs
9. Review from “I Love the Bible” through Song of Songs”
10. Wisdom-Lamentations
11. Baruch-Obadiah
12. Review Wisdom-Obadiah
13. Jonah-Malachi
14. Review Wisdom-End of Old Testament
15. Matthew-Corinthians
16. Galatians-Thessalonians
17. Timothy-Peter
18. 1 John-end of the New Testament
19. Review Timothy through end & Chorus

Bonus Tracks
20. Bible Song (Sirach Remix, relaxed tempo)
21. Hail Mary (Thy, Thou Remix)
22. Apostles Creed-(Roman Missal Remix)
23. Eternal Feast of Love–(Mass, Eucharist)
A new 2 CD set with the Books of the Bible Song and 18 Echo Style Teaching Tracks for Memorization.

By Carol Ann Fisher. Also includes 4 bonus tracks of re-mix versions as requested for catechesis of Hail Mary, Apostle’s Creed and Books of the Bible using Sirach for Ecclesiasticus. New song just released titled Eternal Feast of Love on the Mass and the Eucharist.

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Carol Fisher Productions was founded in 1994 with Sing Bible Prayer Songs, an audio cassette recording of 10 sing-a-long children’s prayer songs written by Carol Fisher, wife, mother of three and catechist who used music to teach little ones their prayers in a joyful way. Originally recorded to raise funds for a start up school, Sing Bible Prayer Songs continues to delight youngsters years after the original fund raiser is over. Six other productions by Carol Fisher have followed. Now on CD, we are including 8 bonus songs, a sampling from Carol’s other albums, for your enjoyment and to complete the prayers for the Rosary and First Penance. A great gift for First Communions, Baptisms, Birthdays or Christmas, Sing Bible Prayer Songs will delight the entire family and catechize all ages in joyful song.

Sing Bible Prayer Songs
“What a joy it is to find our 2 1/2 year old singing the Hail Mary during play time! It was an even greater surprise to hear our 5 year old singing the Apostles Creed!”… Twain Harte, California

“My 13 year old was the only one in her CCD class who knew all the books of the bible!” …Fabius, NY

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2 CD Set with Teaching Tracks for Bible Song

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