Sing Catholic Bible Prayer Songs Vol 1


Includes all the prayers for the Rosary, Hail Mary, Our Father, Apostle’s Creed, Glory Be, the Catholic Books of the Bible Song for fun memorization, the St Michael’s Chaplet, Guardian Angel prayer song, Fatima story in song, St. Joseph song, and more.

Sing Bible Prayer Songs Sampler music clips

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18 Catholic Prayer Songs with children’s voices by Carol Fisher, songwriter and radio host

1. Sittin’ On Top of the Rainbow

2. Books of the Bible

3. Clapping My Hands

4. Hail Mary

5. Apostles Creed

6. Thank You God

7. Naaman

8. St. Joseph

9. Enough Bread

10. Our Father

11. Glory Be

12. Pater Noster

13. Fantastic Day

14. Angel, My Angel

15. Act of Contrition

16. The Lord is With Me, I’m Not Afraid

17. Praise From The Fiery Furnace

18. History, Mystery, Majesty

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